Scenesters 40-sec Teaser

Fresh off the presses and from in the can, it’s the Scenesters teaser! 40 seconds of proof, if you ask me.

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2 Responses to Scenesters 40-sec Teaser

  1. thomasdikel says:

    Hello there. I am writing in response to a comment made a month or two ago on an article about left-wing Zionism. The following comment:

    July 1, 2015 at 4:19 pm
    3 Votes
    “And politically, who stood up for Israel – Rubio making impassioned speeches based on the truth in the Senate. Republicans, conservatives. Who among the liberals and Democrats did anything like that? We have been abandoned, and for what?”

    Hey Doc. This is what makes me think you’re full of it. Plenty of Progressives stood up for Israel during the Gaza War. And you’re going to call Mark Rubio — who along with this GOP brethren got the majority of Americans to consider Israel as a meddling state with that stupid letter written to Iran during negotiations — an impassioned friend? Hell no.

    With friends like that…. oh yeah, about half the country hates Israel.

    I could not get the program to allow a response there, so I clicked on yours and was sent here. I apologize for the intrusion and hope this is not a complete mystery to you or that I was forwarded to someone other than the writer of the comment. IF you are the writer of the comment:
    Since you called me doc, I have an automatic affection response (manly affection of course) – it is the nickname used by many friends these days and for me it is better used for medics in the military, whom I value beyond value. That and I have a genuine question.

    You mentioned that plenty of progressives stood up for Israel during the 2014 Gaza war. I truly would like to know who – this is not some troll-challenge from a covertly hostile… troll. Personally, my domestic politics are fairly left, my foreign policy and military, not so much. Nevertheless, I cannot see voting for a Republican given their ties to the Problem. At any rate, I really would like to know who out there among the liberals and progressives openly, if not loudly, spoke out in support of Israel. I don’t know if Hillary is considered a Liberal, but I know she stood up for Israel when Jon Stewart provided bad information regarding the war and Israel. I heard that Elizabeth Warren said or did something, but I don’t know what. And she and Jim Webb would make a hell of a ticket, whichever one goes first. Other than them, I don’t know who is with us anymore. Thus, the question. So,.. who then? Also if you know what or when Elizabeth Warren made her comment, I’d appreciate direction. Thanks.

    • Hi Thomas. Both Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders stood up publicly for Israel during the Gaza war. So did Lloyd Doggett, who used to be my congressman before the lovely GOP gerrymandered him out of Austin. Do you know that Austin– Texas’ very own liberal city– has 4 congressional representatives covering all different parts of our town? My rep, for example, is from Houston. Really close by!

      My suggestion is to use Google and double check whatever you find because the Internet is where facts go to die.

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