I Know the Problem

Oh... Archie

Which is a big part of the problem. As is complaining all the time about it. Especially since I know what’s going on, and that it bothers me.
Not a good beginning towards trying to rejuvenate a writer’s lifestyle which is supposedly simple. As a writer, you wake up, and you start writing. It might take a session of yoga followed by shower and some green tea to get to the task at hand, but the point is to get to the task at hand, which is writing. And, look, I just did it, proving that this isn’t very hard.
Yet it has been, and for a very long time. Over a decade (for real) of me sitting in front of a computer and choosing not to get some writing done. Maybe, I would say something as a Facebook status (for fuck’s sake), or get an email done if it was really necessary, but none of that really is writing. None of that is really helping me to make a difference with what I would like to see as my future career. A career that, when I was half my current age, I thought I would be in full swing by now. I had also thought that I would have a wife, child and family, which is another part of this problem, or so I continuously tell myself. If I had a purpose in my life, I wouldn’t be sitting in front of a computer smoking dope and staring at Facebook… or planning my fantasy football league team for hopeful Sunday victory… or, and really, let’s face it, this is the No. 1 source of distraction in my life, try to reason with a Western world’s view of what is actually happening in the Middle East with all of those Muslims and that group of crazy Jews.
That one takes up all my time.
But I am in need of admitting something important. That there is nothing I can do to help the process of finding peace in the Middle East, which to me centers around allowing Jews their sovereignty over their lives in the land that bore their faith. But, what I can do, is write a television sitcom made for cable, and that is what I’m going to do. Starting soon.

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