This Is Bound to be a Long Day

Since I left my headphones at home, I now get to be at work listening to the air conditioning hum. Which is better, I guess, than being at home and sweltering from an unrelenting end of Spring. For one thing, I need to collect a paycheck, and this is it. For another, the house hasn’t had central air since the obsolete system broke down 3 years ago. Poor Lopez is stuck at home and in the heat, wearing his fur coat, sore hip extended on the hallway tile. I may have to do the food shopping for the two of us, but at least I can find some comfort off of other people’s money.

710 Daze

Dylan performs in front of Room 710, but only after he performs inside it.

Vlern posted the above photo to his Facebook page. I really like it. Make Austin Weirder circa 2008, maybe 2007, but it’s not 2009 as I am clean shaven. Sergio, who died with his fiancee over Memorial Day weekend in a car crash, is standing beside me. That’s Vlern’s wife in front of us, and performing for us all, receiving the Yucks from crowd, is Dylan, the drummer of Crapulence, and a former door-guy-cum-door-man and overall favorite employee of Room 710.
I should waste more time and get a muffin.

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