Goodness. It’s Shabbos.

Been one of those weeks which I am privy to have. Lots of emotional turmoil wrapped up within a financial mess. Ain’t nothing like having a hard time on a regular basis, where if the Sallies don’t make me feel miserable, the Benjamins will.

RU told me to come up with a diary of good stuff. She said that I’m, obviously, good at repeating the bad news mantras, and that a good news journal just might change my perspective.

The cafeteria had salmon today which tasted good (but I’ve got gas and who knows how many bits of urinated pills). I’ve got a job (although I’m bored out of my skull). I’ve got the greatest, bestest, friend ever in my dog (although he no speak English or contributes to living expenses).

And the Dodgers beat the Giants last night. Although Frank McCourt still owns the team. Fuck that guy.

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