We’ll See How Long This Lasts

I work for ACME, a large manufacturer, as a member of their 3-man catalog department. We’ve got bits, and kits, and tools, which isn’t our official motto, but it might as well be. Bland is the key to describing the multitude of thousands of items with 3-line descriptions. The folks at ACME may be boring, but they care about their products. Their products, to put it another way, are their lives, and when they trust people to write about their products, they want to make sure that no one is writing something else like, say, daily, bite-sized portions of a floundering blog.

So it would be logical that a large manufacturing corporation like ACME would actually run daily analyses in terms of where on the web the people they pay to do a job tend to go during the day. They have been known to block websites that don’t adhere to the principles of working hard. No streaming music or mid-week college basketball games are allowed, but at the moment I’ve got my WordPress page up and I’m slapping the keys on my board with some big time breakdowns of Life– The Hard Way.


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