March Madness

It’s an overused title this time of year, and yet it works because the Gauchos are on my computer playing in the Big West tournament championship game, and I’m home on a Saturday night with no money and glued to the game. This is some wild whacky stuff I’ve got going on.

One reason I’m not writing much is that I don’t like my computer. It’s a cheap replacement of a cheap replacement. This version tends to act up by erasing entire paragraphs of decent material at a time. Then comes the anger, hot as the bottom of the computer, which sums up the real root of the problem of losing paragraphs. These paragraphs aren’t going to solve world peace. It ain’t bringing no Meshiach. A cool writer loses paragraphs all the time, and a good writer is happy with the practice.

The Gauchos were up by 10 with less than 5 minutes to go. It got down to 6 points with 3 minutes to go, but now they’ve got on a roll, and are back up by 11 with 1 minute, 30 seconds to go. They’ve been swept by tonight’s opponents, the No. 1 tournament seed Long Beach State 49ers, who have some good players and would have represented the Big West well. The Gauchos, if you’ve been paying attention, are the defending Big West champs from last year, and have been disappointing all conference schedule. Until a couple nights ago, and now they’re on the verge of winning their third game in a row.

I never finished this post. I got distracted. This is my problem. I want the focus to write. To complete a job well done. The Gauchos play Thu late afternoon againt Florida. Chomp.

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