Off to the Country

I’m considering it as my zombie-apocalypse-escape test run since Snoopy said that Lopez and I are welcome to stay with him and his family should we escape town in time and make it to his place in the country before it gets too late. He’s not too far away– maybe a 30 minute drive– but as the way things are here in Texas, that’s far enough to be out of town and in the middle of nowhere. Annie and Snoopy have a nice chunk of land by the river and are in the midst of planting huge gardens of vegetables (and Snoopy claims he’s got a few guns) making their place the perfect place for Lopez’s and mine refuge. Which is great to know, because there is nothing more frustrating than driving around with no real direction to go because of some frigging zombie apocalypse.

The drive is merely going to be a test run plan. Today is much more about the NFC championship game than it is about fighting off the undead. Packers and Bears on a late January Sunday afternoon in Chicago. We’re hoping for sleet and snow and snot icicles frozen down from these guys’ nostrils. We’re going to be nice and toasty, eating queso and drinking beer while these grown men play a little boy’s game for our distinct pleasure. My job is to show up with the pizza and a portion of my latest bounty.

And unless something unforseen happens, it’s going to be a good Sunday.

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