Happy Fun Time

This is what we’ve got going on at the household tonight. Mary was just here. She brought with her some organic Turkish apricots, a bag of walnuts, and her small jar which she remembered to pack this time around. The two of us proceeded to watch Who Wants To Be A Millionaire because who doesn’t want to be a millionaire. That switched over to NBC Nightly News which, naturally, told me more about the schizophrenic who shot his congresswoman and 18 others last weekend before giving me highlights of the floods rampaging through Australia and Brazil right now.

It’s cold tonight. The Sexy Finger Champs are having a 9:30pm reunion show at the Continental Club. The Pocket FishRmen play next and then Pong, another post-mortem 710 show. The impression I got from Monte and Snoopy is that I’m going to this shindig.

We’ll see. Without work, though, I don’t have any money to waste.

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